What types of audits are conducted?

There are many different types of audits. An audit may be of one or more of the following types:

  • Financial
    Financial audits are examinations of financial transactions and systems/procedures used to process them. These types of audits may also include assessment of balances or amounts on financial statements or reports.
  • Compliance
    Compliance audits determine the degree to which the auditee adheres to laws, regulations, policies, procedures, or contract agreements.
  • Operational/Performance
    Operational audits are designed to test the efficiency and economy of operations. Performance audits are designed to audit progress towards goals or objectives established by management.
  • Investigative
    Internal Audit undertakes investigative audits when circumstances or evidence suggest a fiscal irregularity involving taxpayer resources.
  • Follow-up Audits
    Follow-up audits determine whether management has taken appropriate, effective and timely action to address previously reported issues.

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