Who is eligible for the Payment Plan Program?
People eligible include:
- Any defendant who has had court fines and costs assessed in a traffic, criminal traffic, misdemeanor, or felony case is eligible for the program.
- Any Petitioner or Respondent who owes fees to file a Civil case and who meets the financial criteria to be determined as indigent per F.S. 57.082.
- Traffic payment plan agreement has to be signed and received within 30 days from date citation was issued.

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1. Who is eligible for the Payment Plan Program?
2. What happens if I miss a payment?
3. How much are the payments and when do they begin?
4. What is the fee to be set up on the payment plan program?
5. What if I am already on a payment or want to put more than one case on the same plan?
6. How do I start the process to sign up for a payment plan?
7. What happens if I have multiple cases?
8. What happens after I submit my application?
9. Is there a fee to start a payment plan?
10. How is the monthly payment figured?
11. If my case was on a payment plan previously or I have been submitted to a collections agency, can I still go on a payment plan?
12. What happens if I can’t access my case through SCORSS to start the application process or I don’t have internet access?
13. What if my license is suspended or pending suspension?