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September 21, 2022

Civil Recording Changes

Our office will be updating our recording best practice in regards to certain civil court documents. Effective October 1, 2022, prior to the recording of certain civil case documents in Official Records, our office will be requiring payment of recording fees pursuant to Florida State Statute Chapter 28.

Below is the list of civil documents that will be impacted by this update:

• Voluntary Dismissal, Notice of Dismissal, Stipulation for Dismissal (if these documents are attached to a Lis Pendens or Final Judgment, they will be recorded at no fee)
• Orders (any Order that does modify a Final Judgment, constitute as a final order, or does contain written order by the court such as verbiage, “to be recorded” will only be recorded at no fee)
• Probate Documents:
o Petition for Authorizing Sale of Real Property
o Petition to Admit Transcript to Record
o Death Certificate
o Order to Open Safe Deposit Box
o Caveat By Creditor/Interested Person
o Petition to Open Safe Deposit Box
o Affidavit of no Florida Estate Tax Due
o Personal Representative Release and Certificate of Distribution of Real Property

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