BOCC Meeting Portal

Welcome to the BOCC Meeting Portal for Citrus County, Florida. This is your source for the Board of County Commissioners, Value Adjustment Board, Port Authority Board, and various other Advisory Board meeting agendas, detailed agenda packets, minutes, as well as audio/video streams, and on demand stream recordings.

An unembedded version of the CivicClerk Portal can be accessed here.

To view a meeting live stream from CivicClerk, please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported. If the stream does not display properly in one browser, please try one of the others listed above. Please note that meeting streams cannot be rewound or started over while Live. Once a live stream has been completed after a meeting is adjourned, a video on demand of the live stream will be available for you to view or download. This video on demand will have the ability to be controlled with rewind and fast-forward options. 

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