The Citrus County Clerk’s Office will soon begin offering certified copies of court documents and official records online through eCertify. A task that once required a trip to the Clerk’s office is now a few clicks away on a computer or smart phone with this new service. eCertify is available 24-7, 365 days a year and will curb the need for in-person visits to the clerk’s office. As a bonus feature, once you have created your account and accessed your certified document, it will always be available to you at no additional charge.

What is Clerk E-Certify? - Clerk E-Certify is a software used by the Clerk of Courts to generate tamper-proof and self-validating certified copies of Court Records and Official Records.   You can watch this YouTube video on the verification works for additional information.  

NOTE: Court record case types include lawsuits, evictions, criminal cases, divorce, traffic, foreclosures, etc. Official record types include documents, such as marriage certificates, property deeds, plats, notices of commencement, etc.