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BOCC Speaker Authorization

PURSUANT TO ORDINANCE NUMBER 2017-A11, SECTION 1: Each individual representing an organization shall file written authorization with the Clerk to the Board indicating that the organization has appointed such individual to speak on its behalf. The authorization must be signed by the organization's President or Secretary. The authorization will be effective for one year unless amended or revoked by the organization.
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Court Record Search

The Clerk of Court provides access to public records while working closely with filers to ensure the protection of confidential or exempt information from public inspection. Convenience must be carefully balanced against protection as determined by the Florida Legislature and in some circumstances by the Court, through a legal process of sealing the record. For additional information and to search records visit the SCORSS website.

Fee Schedule

The Clerk has an outlined structure of all fees and service charges, pursuant to Florida Statutes. View the Fee Schedule.

Financial Reports 

The CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is the annual financial statement for Citrus County, Florida.  It is prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and contains information about the primary government; other entities for which the County is financially accountable and those entities having such a relationship with the County that omitting them would cause the financial statements to be misleading. Subscription Service - This service provides access to Court Dockets and documents recorded in the Official Records that are not available for public inspection on the Internet.

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This site offers the added advantage of State searching for Official Records and document ordering, a service of Florida's Clerks of Court. Official Records are defined (s. 28.001, F.S.) as those instruments (documents) required or authorized to be recorded in one general series called "Official Records" at the county level. Searches may be made by specific county, judicial circuit, region or statewide.

MyFloridaCounty website

Online Court Docket

The Citrus County Clerk of the Court provides a PDF document for court dockets based on Court Date and Judge Name. Please Click the link below to access the Online Court Docket Search.

Online Court Docket Search

Recording Activity Notification System

A free public service offered by the Citrus County Clerk’s Office that can help you detect documents recorded with your name in the Clerk’s Official Records that may be fraudulent.

R.A.N. System

Special Assessments 

The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) established a program to assist residential property owners to acquire water and sewer or road improvements for their communities.  The county constructs the requested improvements and assesses the benefited property owners their pro-rata share of the costs.  The special assessment budgets reflect the construction of the improvements or payment of the assessment.

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