Payment Plan

Florida Statute 28.246(4) gives the Citrus County Clerk of Court the authority to offer payment plans which allows for partial payments of traffic citations and court related fines until paid in full.  The plan will exclude any court ordered restitution, as this will need to be paid separately.  There is an administrative fee of $25.00 to set up a payment plan pursuant to F.S. 28.24(26).    

 A monthly payment which is outlined in the agreement is required to be paid on time to avoid a defaulted payment plan.  Should a payment plan default, delinquency fees will be added, your driving privileges will be suspended, and additional collections fees will be added.

Setting up a payment plan

Fill out the Personal Data Form for Payment Plan Agreement (PDF) and submit to . We will contact you via email within 48 business hours to let you know if your case is eligible for a payment plan and to help you through the process. The $25.00 administrative fee is due with the signed payment agreement.  A payment plan will not be active until all required documents and payments are received.

If your license has been suspended for failure to pay court fines and fees, we can help you get back on the road!