About Clerk Angela Vick


I have called Citrus County home for more than 37 years.  My husband Alan and I have been married for 29 years and I spend my free time with family, friends, church, community events and music.  Prior to my election in 2012, I worked for the Citrus County Clerk's Office for 22 years, serving as Chief Deputy Clerk from 2007-2012.  January 2017 marked the beginning of my second term as the elected Clerk and over the past two terms, I have focused on implementing new technologies that streamline operations and expand access to public services.  I prioritize service to the citizens and providing the constituency accountability, transparency, and efficiency.


Education is at the top of my list of priorities.  I hold a BA in Business Administration with an Accounting Specialization from St. Leo University and earned certification through the Government Finance Officers Association in Advanced Governmental Accounting, Reporting, Budgeting, and Fraud detection.  I trained with the Leadership Development Institute at the University of Florida and the Institute of Government from Florida State University.  I completed 240 hours of training in my first 18 months in office and received the designation of Certified Clerk of Court which I maintain annually through continuing education and training. 

Making a difference locally:

Over the past eight years, I have launched multiple innovations in technology to better serve and protect the citizens.

  • Online access to court records
  • Online Juror excusals
  • Online check-in for courts, official records, passports and marriage license
  • RAN - Recording Activity Notification - free fraud alert service
  • Red Flag Hot Line- fraud alert hotline, anonymous via online and phone
  • Electronic processing of documents to reduce costs
  • Reopening of the Meadowcrest branch office

Making a difference statewide:

As your Clerk of Court, I serve on the following statewide committees:

  • Florida Court Clerk and Comptrollers Board of Directors
  • Education 
  • New Clerk Academy Sub-Committee - Chair
  • Jury Funding Workgroup - Chair
  • CiviTek Board of Managers
  • Legislation
  • Strategic Technology Committee
  • Performance Improvement and Efficiency 
  • Budget 

I am honored to serve as the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller for Citrus County and will continue to strive for excellence in service to the citizens of my community.