Official Records

Database Range

The Official Records website search provides access to Citrus County public records. These records include information on deeds, mortgages, etc. in Citrus County. The index includes the years 1980 to present and images of the documents are available in PDF format.

Certified Copies

The images that you may copy off of this Internet site have not been certified as being true and correct copies of the documents filed and recorded with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller. Certified copies of Official Records can be purchased in person at the Clerk's office, by telephone with a prepaid credit card payment, or through the nCourt website.

Restricted Images

Pursuant to Florida Statute 28.2221 (5)(a) the Clerk is not authorized to post records on this site pertaining to military discharges, death certificates, or court records pertaining to Family, Juvenile, or Probate matters. If you wish to view a restricted image (with the exception of military discharges), you may do so in person at the Clerk's office.