Traffic Tickets

I received a ticket, now what do I do?

Know your Options Before Paying Your Traffic Citation!

You have 30 days from the date of issuance to elect one of the following: 

Failure to elect one of these options within 30 days of the issue date will result in late fees and the suspension of your driver license.

Tickets that Require Compliance

If you are charged with a violation for:

  • Driver’s license (not carried/exhibited on demand)
  • Registration
  • Insurance


  • Dismissal 
  • Pay in full with proof of renewal
  • Pay in full with affidavit
  • Clerk’s Option (nolo contendere)

 If you submit proof that driver’s license/registration/insurance was valid at the time of the stop a dismissal fee will be required. Proof and payment must be received within 30 days from the date of issuance of your traffic citation.

  1. If renewal was obtained after the issuance of the ticket, you must submit proof of the renewed document along with the full amount of the civil penalty.
  2. If you are unable to obtain valid proof due to impractical circumstances, you may submit an affidavit. 
    1. A sworn affidavit can be submitted in replacement of proof for tag, registration and insurance violations. Click HERE for sworn affidavit.
    2. If you are unable to provide proof of driver’s license, you can submit a driver’s license acknowledgement form. Click HERE for the driver’s license acknowledgement form. You must submit proof of a valid driver’s license to the Clerk of Courts by the close of business 30 days from date of submission of this form. Failure to provide such proof within the 30-day period will result in the re-suspension of the driver’s license.
  3. If you were ticketed for one of the following offenses listed below, you may elect to enter a plea of nolo contendere and provide proof of compliance to the Clerk of Court. You will receive a reduced fee and adjudication shall be withheld when you enter a plea of nolo contendere. Click HERE to access plea.
    • FS 322.065 - Expired DL 6 months or less
      FS 322.15(1) – DL not carried/exhibited on demand
      FS 320.0605 – Fail to display registration
      FS 320.07 – Expired registration 6 months or less
      FS 320.131 – Temporary tag expired 7 days or less
      FS 316.646 – Proof of insurance required
    • This plea may be elected if:
      • You do NOT have a commercial driver’s license
      • You have NOT elected this option within the past 12 months
      • You have NOT elected this option 3 times in your lifetime

Wireless Communication Device Violations

First-time offenders of violating FS 316.306: wireless communication while driving in a school or work zone; can use one of the options below in lieu of paying the full amount of the civil penalty and receiving points:

  • Elect to attend a wireless communication device driving safety school, pay a reduced penalty and to receive a withhold of points. Certificate of completion of school will need to be turned into our office within 60 days of the election. For a list of approved schools, visit the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website by clicking HERE
  • Provide proof of purchase of equipment that enables personal wireless communications device to be used in a hands-free manner; upon proof to the clerk, the citation will be dismissed with a required dismissal fee. Examples of possible hands-free device are: Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit, Dash & Windshield Mount, Voice Activated Connect Car Kit.

*Election of communication device driving safety school or proof of purchase must be submitted along with payment within 30 days of the date of issuance of the citation.