Court Records Search

The Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 2019-20 In Re: Standards for Access to Electronic Court Documents allows for the viewing of public court records online.  This order includes a security matrix which provides restrictions for viewing personal identifiers and confidential or sensitive information which protects an individual’s right to privacy.   

You may access SCORSS as the general public or register for the appropriate role as outlined below.  For additional information and to search records, visit the SCORSS website or see FAQs” 

Access the user agreement and register for SCORSS

Courts Public Records Request Information (PDF)

Viewing Roles 

  • Attorney General and Department of Children and Families (DCF)
  • Attorney of Record
  • Commercial Purchasers of Bulk Records
  • General Government and Constitutional Officers
  • Judicial and Clerk Personnel
  • Law Enforcement (Local, State and Federal)
  • Party Access
  • Public Defender
  • Public Internet (Anonymous)
  • Registered Users and Public in Clerk’s Office (Viewing Kiosk)
  • School Board (Truancy)
  • State Attorney