Additional FAQs

Do I Still Need to Submit the Original Document to the Clerk?

No. In accordance with the Supreme Court's Amended Order SC 11-399, paper follow-up to electronically filed documents is not required. Please note that the following original documents shall be filed with the court and shall be retained by the clerk:
  • Any Documents Required by FS Or Rule of Procedure to "Be Original Documents"
  • Affidavits of Non-paternity
  • Certified Copies of Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Judgments of Adoptions, DOM, Vital records (All States)
  • Certified or Authenticated Documents
  • Commissions Appointing Commissioners to Take the Oath of Witness to a Will or Codicil
  • Consents for Adoption
  • Executed Trusts and Amendments
  • Executed Wills and Codicils (May Not Be Destroyed for 20 Years)
  • Oaths of Guardians, PR, Administrator Ad Litem, Conservators, Curators and Guardian Ad Litem
  • Oaths of Witnesses to Wills and Codicils
  • Original POA
  • Records From Foreign Countries (Birth, Marriage, Death), Certified Translations, Seals, Ribbons, Apostilles

How Do I File My Summons and Retrieve My Summons After it is Processed?

E-file the unexecuted summons and submit payment through the portal. If filing more than one summons, they do not need to be filed as a separate document. Upon initial receipt of the summons, the document will show on the docket as "Summons-Unissued." When the clerk processes the summons the docket will then show as "Summons - issued." It will be the responsibility of the attorney to access the Clerk's Secured Courts Online Records Search System (SCORSS) to access the image for issued summons, print, attach copies of the documents to be served, and serve appropriately.

(Note: Per Section 30.231 (3), Florida Statutes, the party requesting service of process must furnish the original process, a certified copy of the process, or an electronic copy of the process, which was signed and certified by the clerk of court, and sufficient copies to be served on the parties receiving the service of process. Also see Fl. R.Jud. Admin. 2.525 (c)(3), which states that the electronic document is considered the original. )

Process servers may e-file the Return of Service or may return the Return of Service to the attorney's office for e-filing through the portal.

How Do I Pay Filing and Other Service Fees?

Filing Fees and other service fees (lis pendens, additional defendants, summons, etc.) are assessed at the time of efiilng the pleadings. There are three methods of payment :
  • Citrus County Escrow Account - Requesting fees to be charged to your account
  • Credit card - My Florida website (3% service fee) MasterCard, Discover, American Express
    • Note: Under the credit card information, there is a 6-digit memo field so you can enter an internal tracking/case number, which will also be noted in the auto-generated portal email.
  • E-Check - My Florida website ($3 service fee)
If you are interested in opening an escrow account with the clerk's office please complete the escrow form and submit with deposit to:
Citrus County Clerk of Court and Comptroller
110 N Apopka Avenue
Inverness, Florida 34450