Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is the annual financial statement for Citrus County, Florida. It is prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and contains information about the primary government; other entities for which the County is financially accountable and those entities having such a relationship with the County that omitting them would cause the financial statements to be misleading. 

Report Sections

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is presented in 4 sections:
  1. Introductory
  2. Financial
  3. Statistical
  4. Compliance
The Introductory Section, which is unaudited, includes the letter of transmittal, a list of the County's principal elected and appointed officials and the County's organizational chart.

The Financial Section includes the management's discussion and analysis, basic financial statements and the combining and individual fund statements and schedules, as well as the independent auditor's report on the financial statements.

The Statistical Section, which is unaudited, includes selected financial and demographic information, generally presented on a multi-year basis.

The Compliance Section presents information in conformity with provisions of the Federal and State Single Audit Acts, which establish audit requirements for state and local governments that receive federal and state assistance. This section includes grant schedules and independent auditor's reports on the internal control structure and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting

Citrus County began participating in the Certificate Program in 1998 and has received this prestigious award every year.