Court Records

The Clerk of Court is pleased to offer a variety of online services. The following is a brief description to each search engine.

Court Records

The Clerk of Court provides access to public records while working closely with filers to ensure the protection of confidential or exempt information from public inspection. Convenience must be carefully balanced against protection as determined by the Florida Legislature, and in some circumstances by the Court, through a legal process of sealing the record.


In 2013, the Supreme Court of Florida issued an administrative order, which mandated attorneys to electronically submit all of their court documents. E-filers can now use a statewide portal built by the Florida Clerk of Court and Comptrollers. Florida's e-Filing service is now one of the most advanced, and efforts are underway to provide services to the unrepresented through a simple filing method.

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Criminal Court Dockets

The Court Docket schedule for all criminal cases are available online. Customers can search by court date and by Judge only. All dockets for civil cases are not available online.

Online Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosed property sales are held online, offering conveniences such as 24/7 online access, an auto-bidding feature, simultaneous multi-property bidding, and access to other online resources such as the Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, and other statewide foreclosure and tax deed sale websites.

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Online Juror Excusal

If you are requesting to be excused from Jury Duty, pursuant to the State of Florida guidelines for disqualification and/or excusal, you may submit an online Juror Excusal Form. Request for excusal must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to your expected reporting date.