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Secured Courts Online Record Search System (SCORSS)

The Clerk of Court provides access to public records while working closely with filers to ensure the protection of confidential or exempt information from public inspection. Convenience must be carefully balanced against protection as determined by the Florida Legislature and in some circumstances by the Court, through a legal process of sealing the record. For additional information and to search records visit the SCORSS website.
Florida Statute 119.071 (PDF), Florida Rules of Judicial Administration 2.420 and Florida Supreme Court Administrative Orders AOSC14-19 (PDF) and AOSC15-18 (PDF) restrict viewing of personal identifiers as well and confidential and sensitive information in court and official records.

On March 19, 2014 the Supreme Court lifted the moratorium placed on the online viewing of electronic court documents by issuing an administrative order, AOSC 14-19. This order contains a number of technical requirements and a complex security matrix designed to balance reasonable viewing for the public and an individual's right to privacy. On June 9, 2015 the Florida Supreme Court issued AOSC15-18 to amend AOSC14-19.

Viewing Roles

The security matrix establishes viewing roles for eleven groups:
  • Attorney General and Dcf
  • Attorney of Record
  • Commercial Purchasers of Bulk Records
  • General Government and Constitutional Officers
  • Judicial and Clerk Personnel
  • Law Enforcement (Local, State and Federal)
  • Party Access
  • Public Internet (Anonymous)
  • Registered Users and Public in Clerk's Office (Viewing Kiosk)
  • School Board (Truancy)
  • State Attorney

View Levels

The security matrix also establishes eight viewing levels:
  • All but expunged, or sealed under Ch. 943
  • All but expunged, or sealed under Ch. 943 or sealed under rule 2.420 including redactions
  • All but expunged, or sealed under Ch. 943 and sealed under rule 2.420; or confidential
  • All but expunged, sealed or confidential; record images viewable upon request
  • Case number, party names, dockets only
  • Case number and party names only
  • Case number only
  • No Access
The security matrix considers the user role, case type, document type, applicable rules, statutes and administrative policies to determine the viewing level.


Viewing for most groups is secured through a user name and password established by a written notarized agreement. A legal committee of the AOSC14-19 Task Force developed uniform user agreements to be used by all Clerks with the State. If you are included in any of the following groups listed you must complete the account registration process that includes submitting a written notarized agreement before you may view court records using the new system:
  • Attorney General and DCF
  • Attorney of Record
  • Commercial Purchasers of Bulk Records
  • General Government and Constitutional Officers
  • Law Enforcement (local, state and federal)
  • Party Access
  • Registered Users and Public in Clerk's Office (viewing kiosk)
  • School Board (Truancy)
  • State Attorney
The Florida Supreme Court requires each clerk to follow a phased implementation to ensure the system is in compliance with the AOSC14-19 and AOSC15-18 security requirements. We have completed our pilot phase and submitted required documentation for approval by the Florida Supreme Court.

You may complete the registration process to create your user name and password while we are in the pilot but please note that your account will not become active until our system receives approval from the Florida Supreme Court.

Register and access the new uniform user agreement